Organic Gardening Course

Organic Gardening from the Ground Up:

A Beginning Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Veggies

What can be more useful than knowing how to grow your own food? A small plot of land can produce an amazing bounty of fresh vegetables and a well tended garden looks beautiful, too.

Alyson has a degree in Agricultural Sciences and 20 year’s experience running her own organic vegetable farm. She is happy to share the benefit of her experience with you, whether you grow in a few containers on your deck or are thinking of starting your own farm.

Part 1: Introduction to Organics

Organic principles and how to apply them to your garden.

  • Create biodiversity and work with nature
  • Use Permaculture
  • Choose a location for your garden and prepare the ground
  • Garden in small spaces

Turn your garden into a thriving ecosystem.

Part 2:  How to grow healthy vegetables

Creating healthy soil and a healthy environment for your garden

  • Soil health = plant health
  • Making great compost
  • Soil fertility and soil building
  • Cover crops and green manures

Growing vegetables that are nutritious and hold their own against pests, disease and weeds

Part 3: What to grow, how much and where to put it?

Organic vegetable garden design including:

  • Choosing crops appropriate to our climate
  • What, where and how much?
  • Crop families and crop rotations
  • Choosing seed and appropriate tools
  • Season extension
  • Basic seed saving

Create a garden that has enough beans but not too much zucchini!

Part 4: Pests, Diseases and Weeds

Common challenges faced by organic gardeners and what to do about them

  • Encourage  beneficial insects
  • Companion planting
  • Prevent problems before they happen
  • Identify and contain common problems
  • Use a variety of weed management tools

Designing a healthy, balanced garden working with Mother Nature

2024 dates are March 2, 9, 16 and 23  from 10:00 –to 12:30

For all 4 classes: Students $125, non-students $150

Location: virtual through Zoom

Contact Alyson at: or (506) 889-8512,